Pa State Employee Union Contract 2019

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The Pennsylvania State Employee Union (SEIU) recently announced the signing of a new contract for the year 2019. The contract promises to address several important issues concerning the welfare of state employees, including wage increases, healthcare benefits, and job security.

The new contract comes after months of negotiations between the SEIU and the state government, with both parties coming to an agreement on several key issues. One of the most significant outcomes of the negotiations was the wage increase for state employees, which will rise by 2.25% in 2019. This is in addition to the 2% wage increase that was implemented in 2018, bringing the total increase to 4.25% over two years.

In terms of healthcare benefits, the new contract ensures that state employees will have access to affordable and comprehensive healthcare coverage. The SEIU worked hard to ensure that state employees would not see any increase in healthcare premiums, and was successful in its efforts to maintain current rates.

Another important aspect of the new contract is job security for state employees. The SEIU negotiated specific language in the contract that protects workers from layoffs and ensures that all layoffs are conducted in a fair and transparent manner.

Overall, the new Pennsylvania State Employee Union contract for 2019 is a significant victory for state employees. It addresses several key issues, including wage increases, healthcare benefits, and job security, and shows the commitment of the SEIU to advocating for the well-being of its members. With this contract in place, state employees can expect to see improvements in their working conditions and quality of life in the years to come.

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